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Following is the list of fee payable for different ROC matters

Fees For Filing Various Documents Under Companies Act, 1956 (Except for form No 5)

Nominal Share Capital

Fees per document


Less than Rs. 100000

Rs. 100


Rs. 100000 less than Rs. 500000

Rs. 200


Rs. 500000 less than Rs. 2500000

Rs. 300


Rs. 2500000 or more

Rs. 500

Form-5 For Increasing Authorised Capital

The different between the fee payable on the proposed Authorized Capital and on the existing Capital.

Fees For Registration Of A New Company

Authorized Capital

Fees (in Rs.)


Less than Rs. 1,00,000



Rs. 1,00,001- Rs. 5,00,000

4,000 + 300 for every 10,000


Rs. 5,00,001- Rs. 50,00,000

16,000 + 200 for every 10,000


Rs. 50,00,001-Rs. 1 crore

1,06000 + 100 for every 10,000


Exceeding Rs. 1 crore

1,56000 + 50 for every Rs. 10,000 subject to maximum of Rs. 2 Cr.

For enhancement of Authorized Capital or for registration of a new company, an additional stamp duty is payable @0.15% of the increased authorized capital or fresh authorized capital of new company as per Delhi Stamp Act.

Additional Fees For Late Filing Of Document


Period of delay

Rate of Additional Fee


Up to 1 Year

More than 1 year

2% pm on normal fee

2.5% pm on normal fee



i) Up to 1 month

ii) More than 1 month to 3 months

iii) More than 3 months to 6 months

iv) More than 6 month to 1 year

v) More than 1 year to 2 years

vi) More than 2 Years

1 time of normal fee

2 times of normal fee

4 times of normal fee

6 times of normal fee

8 times of normal fee

9 times of normal fee

Other Fee to be Paid
Inspection of File and Charges


File Inspection

Charges Inspection

Fees for Obtaining Certified Copy

Stamp Paper for Each Document

Court Fees on Application

Normal Size Paper

Full Size Paper

Rs. 50


Rs. 10


Rs. 25 per page

Rs. 50 per page

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